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News and Updates          

December 28, 2005


In these darks times, the former High Chancellor has taken advantage of emergency powers bestowed upon him by the senate. Using the excuse of the 7th Legion's foray into our galaxy the self-proclaimed Emperor has turned peoples home worlds into fortresses and has taken all power upon himself, destroying the senate and over-riding the power of our elected representatives. For these above reasons and many others, we have seceded from the Republic, denounced the newly-formed Galactic Empire and have organized ourselves into a resistance movement.

The might of the Empire's war machine is great, but the might of the people need not be underestimated. To end the reign of galactic oppression brought on by the dictatorship that calls itself the Galactic Empire we must work together as one people. Forget past differences, the galaxy must realize now that the Galactic Empire can only be defeated by a unification of all forces who are against it. It will not be an easy task to bring together a united front and take down this threat. But remember this, if the Empire continues to live on without resistance it will destroy all which the Republic worked for thousands of years to build.

It is a citizen's right and duty to denounce and overthrow a corrupt and untruthful government. Only as a united people against the tyrannous Galactic Empire may we prevail. To unite together this Rebellion we have organized a chain of command and chosen a leader to bring together and represent our cause. As more systems secede from the Republic and join our cause it is imperative to wisely make decisions and use the power that we hold among us. By placing our hopes behind our leader and those others who formerly represented ourselves before the Republic to make the right choices we bring hope to the entire galaxy.

We must make our stand now. It will not be easy, but no great task is easy. To stand by and let the Galactic Empire live on unchecked is to support it. The galaxy's only hope is to unite together and tell the Emperor where we stand. Whether you help by joining the armed forces, donate time to help build weapons or sew uniforms, care for the wounded, it does not matter. But to end the shadow that now spreads across most of the galaxy, something must be done.Whether you make a donation of five credits or give your life for the cause, everything helps. The worst thing you can do is to not do anything. We must make our stand.

We stand united. We stand strong. We will prevail, good will prevail.

May the force be with you.

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